MuscleMax Cosmic Edition: The Protein Magic for an Interstellar Adventure

Once upon a time, the protein blend’ MuscleMax’ was incredibly popular on Earth. This
protein was made with special ingredients that allowed anyone to quickly gain muscle. One
day, aliens named Fleck and Green arrived on Earth from outer space. They
were interested in Earth’s culture and science, especially in’ muscles. They
bought’ MuscleMax’ and immediately tried it. However
, an unexpected reaction occurred in their alien bodies, and they both turned transparent! John
, a researcher at the protein company, was astonished when he noticed this phenomenon. What
is happening? Does this protein have a transparency effect on aliens? Fleck
and Green enjoyed their time being transparent but eventually contacted John. We
turned transparent, but this is a new discovery! John
laughed, Indeed, this is scientifically intriguing. But
we need to find a way to reverse the transparency effect. John
used a special ingredient to reverse Fleck and Green’s transparency. They
left Earth but felt that’ MuscleMax’ was an interesting product even for the universe. After
reversing their transparency, John handed them a small bottle. What’s
this? asked Fleck. It’s
‘ MuscleMax Cosmic Edition. I made this protein especially for aliens. It
won’t make you transparent, but it will help you gain muscle, John answered. Fleck
and Green were delighted. This is awesome! They
left Earth and returned to space. A
few months later, the Earth-based’ MuscleMax’ company saw a significant spike in special orders from other planets. Apparently
, MuscleMax Cosmic Edition’ was a huge hit in the universe. And
John thought, What should I research next? The
muscle-gaining protein was a success in space, so what’s next… maybe a product that can safely utilize the transparency effect?







透明化を元に戻した後、ジョンは彼らに小瓶を渡しました。「これは何?」とフレックが尋ねました。「これは『MuscleMax Cosmic Edition』だよ。特にエイリアン用に作ったプロテインさ。透明にはならないけど、筋肉はつけられるよ」とジョンが答えました。


どうやら、「MuscleMax Cosmic Edition」は宇宙でも大ヒットだったようです。そしてジョンは考えました、「次に何を研究すればいいのかな?筋肉をつけるプロテインが宇宙で成功したのだから、次は…透明化効果を安全に利用できる商品か?」

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